Steven (steve74) wrote in money_must_pay,

Vocal harmony

If you're a member of this LJ community it's a given that you want to make more money. You feel cheated by life and just want to get that job that's both fun and profitable. The first step in this process is nailing that interveiw, and believe it or not this may hinge on your voice. I've heard many things about my voice over the years: That I yell and rant too much, whine, and don't make any sense when I open my mouth. Howver I have been told that I have a pleasant speaking voice, so it's all very confusing. Clearly I needed some advice if I'm going to get anywhere in the world while sholdering the burden of a stutter, so I watched Professor E.C. Buehler's Speech: Using Your Voice. If you're insecure about your voice just remember: you must be Heard, Understood, and Pleasing.

I'll let the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 bots explain it. There's still hope for us all.

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