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Free trick or teating instructional video

Today is Halloween and all across the country people are getting ready. Trick-or-treaters are making final adjustments to their costume while stocking up on eggs and rolls of Charmin for the job tonight. Adults who are stuck at home handing out candy no doubt have fond memories of Halloweens past, like in 1972, when they almost suffocated wearing a fully body gorilla suit, 1974 when they were expelled from school because their Pixie stix candy looked a little too much like cocaine, and who can forget 1978, when they found the severed head of their pet iguana out in the front yard.

People in England probably have no Halloween memories, as it's a relatively new thing there according to this video that I stumbled upon while watching The 9 today. The Brits don't leave ANYTHING as common sense when it comes to this trick-or-treating gig. Have fun, and don't forget to check any Carmel apples you get for razor blades.
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