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The ultimate rip off

Today at my school some club was having a bake/miscellaneous crap nobody wants sale. The crap included old educational VHS tapes from the school's library, like How to speak Japanese Lesson 17 and other rejects people had donated. I decided to check it out. I settled on Lost World: Jurassic Park along with the Japanese video and The Client audio book. That's when the guy at the counter told me videos were $2 each. (Baked goods on the other hand? 50 cents. Can you say...price gouging?) I dumped the two videos and bought the audio book. I'm not sure why, probably because I have a small collection at home and I like to listen to them on occasion, and at two bucks, it was a steal. I got home and eagerly opened the box to make sure everything was included. The package said 4 tapes. I got 3. Now I knew why it was being sold at a stupid school fundraiser. I was ripped out of two dollars with no way of getting that missing tape! Who knows what happened to it; probably some fat guy in an RV broke it when he was messing around with his “new” tape deck he also got at a community college crap sale.

I'm sort of pissed off but at the same time I had a feeling something was wrong with it the minute after I handed the guy my hard earned 2 bucks. Caveat Emptor as they say in Latin. Maybe I can snag the Japanese video tomorrow. On second thought, screw whoever sold me that piece of crap, the fundraiser, and that club! I want my two dollars back!
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