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Don't support the bootleggers of the world

I saw a kid in the cafeteria today wearing a bootleg Calvin and Hobbes T-shirt that he apparently got from Washington D.C. I went to Washington D.C. about 5 years ago and remember seeing a stand selling the T-shirts, but I didn't buy one. It's just a big scam. If you want to buy something Calvin and Hobbes, buy the individual books or the Complete Calvin and Hobbes collection that came out this month. The T-shirts are expensive and aren’t worth the money.

For the most part I agree with Bill Watterson’s decision not to license the comic strip and make tons of money off it. I just wish he wasn’t so introverted and that he would give fans some insight as to how he came up with ideas for the strip. If he did that I don’t think he would be selling out in the least.
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